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Inspiring Purity... Hand crafted Shrines

Since 1987, we have carved our name in the world of designer doors, putting us in a class of our own. We have been adding a rare dimension to doorways at homes, temples, shrines and ashrams all over the world. Each door is a work of art, reflecting a sanctity that is almost divine.

Initially we started out making doors in traditional designs, using floral and religious motifs like deities, their icons etc. Gradually, seeing our skill in replicating these designs, many architects’ and interior decorator’s, gave us their own designs to make. We are grateful to them for giving us an opportunity to blend our traditional designs with their contemporary ideas. When we brought the concept “You can design your own door”. Today, we have over 500 different designs to choose from.

There was a large quantity of wood generated as cut off and odd sizes after making the doors. As Teak Wood is scarce, to ensure that no raw wood is wasted, we commenced making mantaps. In these mantaps, the sizes of wood required are small and can be obtained from the by-products of the doors. In addition to conserving our resources, the cost of the mantaps is also brought down as the wood has already been paid for by the main product, and only the labour cost is added on.

Product Information

Our main product is doors which include

  • Entrance Doors for Bungalows and Villas
  • Entrance Doors for Apartments
  • Pooja Doors for Houses and Temples
  • Doors for Temples and Shrines
  • Windows, Bannisters and Doorway Guides
  • Wall Plaques and Mural Sections
  • Centre Tables
  • Corner Stands
  • Handicrafts
  • Ornate Indoor Swings
  • Pillars & Pillar sections
  • Ceiling Corbels & Cornices
  • Curios such as Jewellery Boxes, Candle Stands, Clocks, Cloth Stand Interior Decorating accesories such as Mirror Frames, Photo Frames, Mouldings, Corner Stands, Decorative Wheels, etc
  • Health products such as acupressure kit marketed under the brand name ACURIGHT MASSAGE KIT.

And Finally
Mantaps and Puja Platforms

Process of Manufacture

Species of wood used
We use only solid timber to manufacture the mantaps. The main species used by us are Burma Teak Wood (Tectona Grandis) and Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia Latifolia).

The wood is seasoned adequately to draw out the excess moisture content. After this it is cut to the necessary sizes and assembled to the required shape. It is then dismantled and given to several persons, each of whom hand carves / inlays the pattern required. It is then re-assembled and sent for finishing

Each mantap goes through six finishing stages. The lacquer used for the final finish retains the gloss and protects the door from ambient moisture. The polyurethane coating comes in three finishes namely, Glossy, Semigloss and Silky Matt. The coating can be applied on either natural or tinted surface depending on individual taste.


Production and Export Capacity: With a strong infrastructure and a dedicated team, who are experts in their field, we are capable of producing bulk items in a short span of time.

Technology Adopted:
Our works possesses all those facilities that make our export unit a successful one. Our continual investment in technology and experienced manpower enables us to provide our clients with quality products. The machines used by us are listed below:

  • Planing Machines – Surface & Thickness Planers/li>
  • Reesaws
  • Circular Saws
  • Heavy Duty Wide Belt Sanders
  • Vertical and Horizontal Table Moulders
  • Profile Grinders & Profile Cutters
  • Jig Saws
  • Heavy Duty Drilling Machines
  • Disc & Orbital Sanders
  • Profile and Sliding Head Routers
  • Chain Mortisers& various Other Machines

Our Team

Being in the field for twenty five years, our knowledgeable and talented team members make it easier for our organization in carrying out Research and Development programs, along with updating the company’s database in various aspects. All this has been enabled with the help of various training programs that our team members have gone through.

We have highly trained personnel from various industrial training institutes all over India. Supervisors in our company have undergone courses in forestry & wood science in various Government Research and Development Programmes. Our artisans have also undertaken project work for National Institute of Design, KAARU, EPCH and worked on various Private &Govt projects.

Skilled artisans who come to us from all over India, are experts in their respective fields and are capable of creating timeless souvenirs. Our artisans are hereditary crafts persons hailing from various states of India; therefore our range of product fully represents art from all corners of the country.


We maintain high level of quality standards through regular checks, right from procurement of material to final assembly.

Quality Control Process Adopted – Our quality control methods include:
Selection of wood logs, based on length, girth, texture, and grain structure.
Best logs are selected after eliminating those with twists, uneven and wavy grains, pin holes, cracks, knots, deposit of calcium. These logs are then cut radially and slabwise, to give maximum yield. The wood obtained from this process is then subject to seasoning to get the right amount of moisture. At product stage the seasoned wood is selected on basis of colour and size and earmarked for each product separately. This wood is then cut and planed to size using carbide tipped blades to get the fine finish. It goes to the carpentry section for marking, assembly and joinery. The next stage is of value addition such as giving a decorative design like marquetry, fine embellishment of brass and synthetic inlay, carving, moulding etc. The last stage is that of finishing

What sets us apart

We give highly personalised attention to each customer as our products are tailor-made / made to order. Each customer has different taste relating to raw material, finish, design and size. This gives the customer a very unique product at the most competitive price making him / her come back to us for more.

  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 60%
  • Our Strength 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Our Client

Giving the best in every aspect and our capability to comprehend the industry standard norms, we have facilitated ourselves to form a strong connection with our clients who are spread all across the international frontiers. We have most of our clients in India along with, many other clients in USA, UK, Middle East and SAARC Countries